Cayman National splashes out for more burner fun

Cayman National is a committed supporter of local youth and of swimming in particular and will be on deck at the Lions Aquatic Centre this weekend to host the Cayman National Sprint Meet, the first of its kind this season.

Claudia Welds of Cayman National wants the business community to be more supportive. “The Cayman Islands continues to struggle with the issue of childhood obesity,” she said.

“Involvement in sports generally and swimming specifically, is a way to move the needle positively.

For over 14 years, the swimmers at Stingray Swim Club have demonstrated the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“The additional benefit of swimming – and the intense level of training it requires – is the development of their time management skills for everyday life activities like homework and school projects.”

Swimmers from Stingray Swim Club, Treasure Island and the Brac Barracudas will be competing at the Cayman National Sprint Meet which starts on Saturday at 7.45am for warm up with competition starting at 8.30am.

It is a sprint meet so competition will be fun, fast and furious – and everyone who is interested in watching local youth in action is invited to attend to 
cheer them on.

“The Cayman National Sprint Meet is going to be a fun, action-packed morning,” said Dr Brenda McGrath, president of Stingray Swim Club.

“We look forward to seeing everyone in the pool, on the deck or in the stands supporting the swimmers and encourage anyone who can to volunteer and be a part of the action.

“But most importantly, we thank Cayman National for their continued support of this annual swim meet and we thank Cayman Airways, whose sponsorship has made it possible for the Brac Barracudas to compete as well.”

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