Club offers hassle-free boating

Being able to hop on your boat and enjoy the waters around the Cayman Islands is a dream of many, but as most boat owners can attest, there are many hassles involved. 

A new venture based out of Camana Bay, the Leisure Boat Leasing Club, wants to take those hassles out of boating. 

The business was launched by Leisure Boat Leasing Club owners C.J. and Eva Moore and their associates on Friday, 5 October, with a VIP cocktail event and then with a public event the 
following day. 

Mr. Moore, who is familiar with Cayman’s boating scene through his ownership of Moore Marine Boat Rental and Marine Services hopes that the Leisure Boat Leasing Club will offer something different to Cayman residents who like boating but not the hassles – or costs – of boat ownership. 

With the Leisure Boat Leasing Club, people don’t have to worry about the many costs associated with boat ownership, including the cost of the boat, towing and launching, slip fees, licence and registration fees, repairs, maintenance and cleaning, insurance or depreciation.  

When members want to use a boat, it’s completely ready for them to hop on and go – clean, fully fuelled, supplied with life jackets and watersports gear and stocked with optional food and beverages if they choose.  

Sales Executive Shawn Greene, who grew up in Maryland and around boating in Chesapeake Bay, thinks the Leisure Boat Leasing Club can fill a much needed niche. 

“We really hope to provide a service to this country that has been missing,” he said. 

Becoming a Leisure Boat Leasing Club member requires payment of a one-time non-refundable membership fee of $3,995. Once they become members, people can choose from four classes of boats ranging from 16 feet to 31 feet and leasing contract packages that start at $405 per month – with a 10 per cent 
discount for prepaid annual contracts. 

The company offers annual usage contracts for 21 or 30 days and four different package plans that allow increasing flexibility on usage. Some plans even allow for the boat to be taken home overnight and returned the next morning.  

Besides the one-time membership fee and contracted leasing fee, members only pay for the fuel they use and any optional food or beverages they order. 

Membership includes training on how to use the boat, but the company can optionally even provide, at extra cost, a captain to pilot the boat if a customer desires. 

The Leisure Boat Leasing Club’s offices are located in the Industrial Park, but its boats are docked at Camana Bay, which offers ample parking along with good accessibility to the North Sound. 

Although the public launch event on Saturday had to dodge some rain, it still attracted a good late-afternoon crowd. The Friday night event saw nicer conditions. 

“We were very happy that we had good weather for the VIP launch event” said Mr. Moore.  

“We were pleased with the turnout and thankful for the efforts of the staff of Camana Bay and everyone else who made the event a success.” 

Leisure Boat Leasing Club launch

C.J. Moore, with scissors, prepares to cut the ribbon to officially launch the Cayman Boat Leasing Club during a invitation-only event Friday, 5 October on the Island at Camana Bay. – Photo: Alan Markoff

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