West Bay store robbed

Two men carrying machetes robbed a West Bay store Monday, Royal Cayman Islands Police officers reported. 

The incident happened just after 8pm at Leta’s Plaza on Watercourse Road. 
Police said the two suspects entered the store and demanded cash from the only employee who was inside at the time. 
Some cash was taken and the men were last seen running away in the direction of Boatswain’s Bay which is north and west of Watercourse.
Both men were masked. Police said one was about 6′ tall with a dark complexion with a long sleeved shirt and black pants. The other man was about 5’5″ tall, slim and was dressed similarly. 


  1. CCTV anyone? If there happens to be cameras located on that road maybe they could pick up the location from where the persons came from. Also, I doubt they walked all the way to and from with the masks on.

  2. How come there is no outcry for a ban on machettes?

    Isn’t this the case with guns?

    Where is the cry for permits to carry machettes?

    So is banning a weapon, have any deterrence at all?

    Oh..it does deter people who are law abiding from protecting themselves. I guess that’s the aim.

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