Day care centre opens for seniors

A day care centre for seniors is open in Grand Cayman. 

Brighter Horizon, located in F&J Centre, Unit No. 2 Mary Street in George Town, is offering seniors a wide range of activities and opportunities to socialise. 

Seniors will receive meals and caregivers can rest assured attendees will receive their medication. They also will get to go shopping and do other activities.  

The facility offers support groups, computer lessons, special events, discussion topics, games and arts and crafts. 

According to owner Netha Ebanks, she came up with the idea of this type of adult day care centre after being aware that these types of centres were offered in the United States and Britain.  

“Many seniors have worked hard all their lives and due to illness and lack of mobility they have become depressed with not very much to do. Brighter Horizon will offer the services to give them hope,” 
she said. 

Seniors are required to pay a fee. Half day is $15, full day $30, weekly $125 and monthly $475. 

There is no funding by government, individuals or sponsors. It is not a nonprofit organisation, although Ms Ebanks said she is working on that. 

“Based on some assessments we have done on some clients who would like to attend, but cannot afford the fees, it would be good if we can get some sponsors. I have requested some companies to sponsor some clients. We are waiting for the results. Some clients have made appointments with the Department of Children and Services,” she said. 

Ms Ebanks said her experience with elders comes from working for many years with the Cayman Islands Department of Children and Family Services as an administrative and finance manager.  

“There were projects proposed to provide day care and residential centres for the Eastern Districts, but the funding was never approved,” she said. “I was aware of the need for this type of service for the elderly. Many of them are home alone in need of care and outlet for activities. There are many who have no electricity or proper facilities to live in.” 

Ms Ebanks said she also hopes to provide services to persons who need mental and physical stimulation.  

“Providing games, reading, computer classes, discussion groups and trips will meet some of their needs,” she said.  

The centre has received a certificate provided by the Health Services Commission. 

The centre has a registered nurse, nurse’s aide and events assistance as staff. Ms Ebanks pays the rent and bills from her own pocket, while there are people from the community volunteering services with some activities. 

The facilities are open to all seniors from all districts. There is a scheduled pick-up and drop-off service if requested. The day care services take up to 25 to 30 people, depending on the schedule for the day. 

Open hours are 8.30am to 4pm Monday through Friday. 

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