New restaurant sought for Pedro St. James location

The Tourism Attraction Board is seeking proposals for a new restaurant at Pedro St. James. 

According to a notice that appeared in Monday’s Caymanian Compass, the board is accepting tenders “detailing the development and operation of a restaurant at Pedro St. James in Savannah”. 

“The concept for the restaurant should include plans to provide casual dining during the daytime and fine dining at night”, according to the notice. 

The board is responsible for managing several sites on Grand Cayman, including Pedro St. James, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Cayman Craft Market and Hell, and is also the organiser of the annual Pirates Week festival. 

The enclosed dining area at Pedro is 1,000 square feet, with a 600-square-foot kitchen/service area and an outdoor terrace of 1,668 square feet, according to the notice. 

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria: “projected financial viability”, “anticipated income, based upon appropriate financial and marketing data”; “implementation time-frame”; and “plans to integrate a culinary experience with Pedro St. James public mission of providing an authentic Caymanian historical and cultural experience”. 

The submission deadline is 13 November. 

Pedro was built in 1780 by William Eden, eventually turned into a bar and guesthouse by Tom Hubbell, and purchased by the government in 1991. The extensive restoration project was finished in late 1998. Pedro was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. It reopened in May 2006 following another restoration project. 

In about 2001, government tried to lease the cafe at Pedro, but the three proposals were unsuccessful, largely because the site didn’t have a liquor licence at the time, then-Tourism Minister Charles Clifford said in 2006. In 2002, Pedro obtained a liquor licence. 

Mr. Clifford told the Legislative Assembly in 2006 that the cafe at Pedro had been operating at a financial loss of nearly $314,000 over the past six years. Red Bay Cafe, also known as Durty Reid’s Palace, signed a two-year lease in fall 2007 to operate Reid’s at Pedro on the site, following the demolition of Durty Reid’s original Red Bay location. Reid’s at Pedro ultimately did not 
pan out. 


  1. The best idea would be to get Pedro off of governments gravy train by selling it and turning it into a high end boutique hotel and let professionals manage it. Good luck negotiating with the TAB CEO.

  2. Pedro St.James has so much potential as a living Historic Site, but there is no interest in developing programmes or exhibits to maintain local interest or attract foreign visitors. Until the original premise as a historic site has been restored,and is robustly pursued no-one cares to spend much time there, let alone dine there. Management needs to change.

  3. The Pedro St James is a wonderful beautiful place, but the problem is the Management. The management from 10 years back has been no good. They do not promote the place as a tourist attraction, and they do not invite or showcase local arts form Locals. They prefer to buy items made in china with Cayman stamped on the back. If something is not done with that place my suggestions is close it down and once again leave it to go to ruins. It would be a better tourist attraction than it is now.

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