Bona Fide brings proper music

Head down to Camana Bay this Friday at 7pm and you’ll encounter one of Cayman’s favourite bands. 

Bona Fide takes the stage at the Paseo and lead singer Isadora Ferrao-Powell will, as ever, be a focal point for a concert. Weekender’s seen ’em before, of course, but just in case someone’s not had the BF experience, what can they look forward to? 

“[The band is] Energetic, funky, versatile, spontaneous, eclectic, diverse,” says Isadora. 

“We just love music so honestly our vibe is created from our interaction with the people we are entertaining. We play most genres of music: funk, disco, pop, Motown, rock, Caymanian folk music, calypso, soca, reggae, dancehall and even rap. 

“Now and then we play African music, easy-listening and jazz when appropriate,” guitarist Glen Scott adds. 

The band has a wide repertoire but tracks to watch out for include Play That Funky Music, Disco Inferno, Ram Goat Liver and Munzie Boat. 

“Cayman is like melting pot of cultures so there are songs that work for each type of audience: old to young, tourist to local, American to Jamaican and everything in between,” explains keyboard player Edward Frederick.  


Music available 

Bona Fide has some music available on iTunes, she notes, with more to come in the near future; One With Nature and the reggae track We Are Living In Exile. Some notable gigs include the John Legend private auction, at which the man himself was present and an interesting appearance at the band’s first Jewish wedding, up at Westin Casuarina. 

“[We saw] how happy the couple and their families were as we played music we didn’t even understand the words to but could totally relate to the exuberance of the joyful emotion that emanated,” says bassist Mark Hydes. 

Proof, if any were indeed needed, that music is universal. She says that the band is continually learning in life through giving rather than receiving, a point made eloquently by gigs for The Pines for the elderly as well as for the Feed our Future Foundation, Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation and Breast Cancer Gala Dinner fundraisers.  

And as for the future for Bona Fide? 

“We are not trying to compete with other bands – we just want to be the best that we can be and have as much fun as possible with anyone who happens upon us and our music.  

“Perhaps one day the future will hold true unity for all musicians?,” muses Renard Powell, drummer
As well as the Camana Bay performance, the band plays Saturday, 20 October, at Royal Palms from 8pm, as part of their regular gigs every third Saturday of the month there. You can also catch them backing Delicious on Monday, 22 October from 8pm at the Living Room.  

The band also performs the first Friday of the month at the same venue. North Siders can catch them at Kaibo every Tuesday, from 13 November; George Towners can see ‘em at Mango Tree, usually on the final Saturday of the month. And then there’s the private events, weddings, Brick House and Macabuca. Busy people! Catch ‘em where you can. 

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