CrossFit Cayman puts you through your paces

CrossFit is a fitness programme that is sweeping the world. CrossFit Cayman was the first company to bring the concept to the Cayman Islands, and it moved into Camana Bay in March 2012 to take advantage of the wide open spaces and beautiful views of the water as a lot of its classes are held in the great outdoors. Owners Tarasa and Matt Barnett are both keen athletes and when they were first introduced to CrossFit four years ago, it completely changed their perception of fitness. Instead of concentrating on only a few of the 10 main fitness points that most workouts do, CrossFit’s variety and design enables participants to meet all 10 points and see incredible results. How do you reckon you stack up on these? 

Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance 











CrossFit has become incredibly popular since its inception. It is also a very social programme where groups get together outside the classes. It’s a great way to stay focused and basically provides an in-built support system. It also makes it easier for participants to consider CrossFit part of their lifestyle. “People come here to work hard and get results,” says Tarasa. “They want to focus on all aspects of fitness, and CrossFit provides that level of training.” 

When I went to visit CrossFit on a sunny Tuesday morning I had some idea of what was in store as I had seen the groups working out around Camana Bay in the evenings (while I made my way to Haagen Dazs, I might add). Tarasa took me through some exercises, showing how each one can be scaled to accommodate the fitness level of each client. I ended up doing ring rows, air squats and the Russian swing – a charming discipline that involves swinging a kettlebell between your legs and bringing it back up to shoulder height. It’s all in the hips! 

At the end of a short period of time I could already feel my muscles announcing their existence, and although moments had been challenging, it definitely kept me on my toes. I could get used to this. 

CrossFit offers a free class on Saturday mornings at 10am so you can see what they are all about, and should you wish to sign up you can take their mandatory six-class foundation course to get you in the groove. After that it’s group classes and the sky’s the limit! They are now also offering Kid’s CrossFit sessions so you can get the wee ones active from an early age. 

Camana Bay is the ideal location for CrossFit, especially in this gorgeous fall weather. It’s a great time to fall back in love with fitness at CrossFit Cayman and Camana Bay. 


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