Open doors drawing day planned at National Gallery

Big Draw’s month-long schedule of events culminates Saturday, 20 October, with an exciting day of free drawing workshops, a bouncy castle and prizes to be won at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands in Grand Cayman.

The doors of the Susan A Olde Art Studio and the Dart Auditorium will be open to visitors wishing to take an inside look at the gallery’s teaching and learning practices, or to participate in any of the free drawing classes taking place. Both children and adults can join a wide variety of free, diverse drawing workshops, which range from shading in three dimensions to cartooning, including the Japanese comics “manga”. All supplies are free and people may walk in and out at any time.

The new National Gallery Art Café will be open at lunch time and a bouncy castle will be installed on the lawn. In an effort to encourage artistic growth in young people, children will be invited to copy an artwork of their choice from the permanent collection in the Upper Gallery of the Exhibition Hall. Drawings will be displayed under the pergola and the judging and distribution of awards will take place at 1.45pm.

The Big Draw was started by the Guild of St. George, a nonprofit organisation founded by 19th century critic and educator John Ruskin. Now led by the Campaign for Drawing in London, the aim is to raise awareness of drawing’s power as a tool for learning, observation, creativity, and social and cultural engagement.

In 2011, more than 1,300 Big Draw events took place across the United Kingdom and internationally. The Cayman Islands is the 23rd jurisdiction to join. The event is presented under the patronage of well-known illustrator and children’s author Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim, with the support of the National Gallery and other community partners.

Schedule of workshops:

9 to 10am 
Tracing at FAMILY FUN – Studio – all adults with children welcome

10 to 11am 
Cartooning for Kids with LADY RABIA – Auditorium – age 8+

11am to noon 
Contour Line Drawing with LORNA REID (ART SISTERS) – Studio – age 15+

Noon to 2pm 
‘JUST DRAWING’ competition – Exhibition Hall – All children welcome.

1.45 pm 

2 to 3pm 
Shading techniques with GABRIELLE WHEATON – Studio – age 16+

3 to 4pm 
Drawing shells with the Cezanne method with JOE BERNARD – Studio – age 10+

4 to 5pm 
Manga with IAIN SMITH – Studio – age 12+

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