Online renewals for drivers

Drivers can now renew their vehicle registration and drivers’ licences online.

The initial step of registering for a new e-services identification number needs to be done in person at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing.

Members of the public who need to renew their car registration can take their vehicles to any of 12 private garages or to the DVDL office in Crewe Road to be inspected. Once the inspection is done, the garage or DVDL electronically submits details, such as valid insurance information, to the department.

With an e-services identification number, known as ESID, and their driver’s licence number, vehicle owners can then visit or to complete the online renewal. They can also pick up their documents from DVDL or have them delivered by post.

To renew a driver’s licence, people can register with their ESID and driver’s licence number at either of the websites. They are still required to pick up their new licences from the DVDL in person, where their photographs will be taken. They will not have to wait in line with others renewing their licences but will be dealt with separately at a customer service desk.

The costs of renewing a licence or a car registration remain the same as for in-person registration.

According to MLA Ellio Solomon, the government will host a series of public education meetings and briefing in the coming weeks and months to let people know about the new service. Civil servants have already started using the online programme.

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