School students give thanks with harvest service

Cayman Prep and High School held a special harvest service on Thursday to remind students of just how fortunate they are to have an unlimited supply of food and to live in the Cayman Islands. 

The Harvest Festival service, held in the school hall, kept alive the tradition of giving thanks for a successful harvest. Both the infant and junior choirs sang special songs for the service, while the primary school band performed. The decorated stage featured boxes containing fruits, vegetables and breads, as well as bottled and canned goods. The children collected the items to give to the Cayman Islands Department of Children and Family Services for donation throughout the community. 

Every year, in many countries of the world, a special harvest festival takes place to give thanks for a successful harvest of foods which have been grown. 

The idea of churches celebrating the harvest is thought to have begun in England in 1843. Christians wanted to express thanks for all the good things God provided. 

Today, schools carry on the tradition by bringing boxes of fruits, vegetables and bread to festival services to give to the less fortunate. 

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