Online poll: Most people work in multicultural workplaces

More than 59 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll who indicated they worked in the Cayman Islands said at least six different nationalities were represented at their workplace. 

Of the 493 respondents, 46 of them – 9.3 per cent – said they did not live in the Cayman Islands.  

“I wish I did though,” commented one person. 

Of the remaining 447 respondents, the largest segment – 156 people or 34.9 per cent of those excluding respondents who don’t work in the Cayman Islands – said there are two to five different nationalities at their workplace.  

“The majority are Caymanian,” said one person. 

“Only two nationalities – no work permits!” said someone else.  

“The only way so many nationalities are working is because the money people and the Caymanian people are the ones that are taking out the permits for them to come here and then we complain about it,” said another respondent.  

“Mainly Filipinos and Hondurans,” said one person. “Hardly any Caymanians because it is much cheaper to hire people from third world countries.” 

“Office of six,” said someone else. 

“And English is not their first language for most of them,” commented another respondent. 

Six to 10 nationalities were represented in the workplaces of 139 people – 31.1 per cent of those apparently working in the Cayman Islands and 125 people – 28 per cent of those working in Cayman – said 11 or more nationalities were represented at their workplace. 

“Cayman’s multicultural make-up is one of the most attractive aspects of living here for me,” said one person. 

“Out of 60+ employees, only 16 are Caymanian,” said someone else. 

“It’s a bloody United Nations at our office,” said another respondent. 

“I think it’s great, too,” commented one person. “You can get a real flavour of what’s out there in the world. It offers a new perspective on things.” 


Next week’s poll question 

What’s your opinion of the Pirates Week National Festival? 

I love it and I attend events 

I don’t attend events, but think it’s good for Cayman 

It was good once, but it has outlived its usefulness 

I never liked it and still don’t 

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