Big increase for water-sewer bills

Water Authority – Cayman customers on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac will be hit with a sizeable rate increase that took effect starting Thursday, according to regulations approved in Cabinet this week.

For Grand Cayman customers, the increase in the base water rate will be 9.26 per cent for both tiers of water users. In Cayman Brac the base rate increase will be 6.68 per cent.

There was some good news in the authority’s announcement. Changes to the current billing system will eliminate a ‘base rate’ charge of $16.04 now levied on all water bills. In exchange, charges for water use will start at ‘0’ rather than exempting minor usages as has been done in the past.

This means that someone who pays a monthly connection charge of $21 and uses no Water Authority water during that month would now pay just $5-a-month meter rental fee if they maintain a WAC connection.

“Water bills will now be based purely on usage,” said authority Deputy Director Tom van Zanten.

The new rate structure means lower water use residential customers (less than 12 cubic metres – about 3,200 gallons) will pay $4.38 per cubic metre, up from $4.01 per cubic metre. That translates into roughly $16.58 per 1,000 gallons used under the new rates.

For water usage above 12 cubic meters, the rate will also increase from $5.10 per cubic metre to $5.57 for cubic metre.

The Water Authority said commercial properties would see a “similar percentage” increase.

In addition, sewerage and septic rates will increase by 10 per cent.

Please see the full story in Friday’s Caymanian Compass.

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