No TV airing for first LA meeting

The new government TV channel did not launch as planned with the live broadcast of the Legislative Assembly Monday.

Instead of being able to watch Premier McKeeva Bush deliver a statement on the Framework for Fiscal Responsbility, viewers saw a blank screen.

The first view of the new government television channel, called CIGTV, was a dark screen Monday morning, but that was later replaced by a blue screen announcing channel 20 would be the future home of the channel.

Premier McKeeva Bush’s press secretary Charles Glidden, who is spearheading the launch of the channel, had hoped that CIGTV would be up and running Monday morning, in time to broadcast live the commencement of the second meeting of the 2012/2013 session of the Legislative Assembly, but the only show on that channel was a sphere with a Cayman flag sitting atop the CIGTV 20 logo.

That screen was mostly uninterrupted throughout the morning and afternoon, bar a brief moment in the early afternoon when a test pattern appeared. The screen then reverted the blue “Future Home of CIGTV 20” image.

“A few adjustments” were required before the television channel could go live, Mr. Glidden said Monday morning. “We hope to be able to join the LA later today.”

By mid-afternoon, there was still no sign of the legislators on Cayman’s tv screens.

The Legislative Assembly has three cameras within its chamber so that television viewers can see and hear the proceedings, once the broadcasts get off the ground.

The purchase and installation of equipment for the station has cost $227,345, and another $186,000 had been budgeted for three staff positions for the channel.

Mr. Glidden had earlier said the channel could be up and running by August, but a delay in the installation of a microwave antennae on the roof of the Government Administration Building in George Town meant that deadline for the launch of CIGTV was not met.

Editor’s note: Please click here to read the statement from Mr. Glidden.

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