Barker’s dogged style prevails

Half way through the fall matches of the TeleCayman Team Squash League last Thursday at the South Sound Squash Club and although full of up and down matches, as always it was guaranteed a good night of fun.

The League runs every Thursday at 7.15pm for a total of 8 weeks ending on 29 November.

Sponsored teams for the Fall 2012 TeleCayman Team Squash League include; Digicel (Diehards), Walkers (Wanderers), two teams from KPMG (Pumpkin Squash and Gem Squash), The Security Centre (Sheriffs), Aon (United), and reigning champions from the past two leagues, Sotheby’s International Realty (Squashers). The name of the team with individual players is Squash 20/20 in recognition of World Squash Day which was 20 October.

At this stage, Aon United appear for the moment to have secured the top spot with the Sotheby’s Squasher and The Security Centre Sheriffs playing tug-o-war for the second and third spots.

All teams have only three weeks left to gain as many match, game and overall points before the order is decided for finals night on 29 November.

The first of TeleCayman’s Top Two Matches of the Week was between Sotheby’s Squashers Charlie Pait as he had his first five-set match in his lengthy one-month career against determined Ade Doherty from KPMG Pumpkin Squash.

This match pushed all limits, including going to extra points in the fifth game. Doherty, the veteran of the two, took the first game 11/8, however Pait responded well, winning the second with the same 11 to 8 result.

Doherty won the third, but not bowing Pait countered and tied the match in the fourth. Leaving it to the fifth and deciding game, neither player gave an inch, however it was Pait who took the slight edge winning the final game 12-10.

The second top match for week 4 was also a tough five set battle between KPMG Gem Squash’s Richard Barker and the Digicel Diehard’s Chris Hayman.

The game scores were similar to the other top match as they were very close, however in the end one player seemed to have a little more juice than his opponent.

Another similarity was this match went back and forth between games as each player pushed each other around the court.

Barker took the first and the third, but Hayman had an answer for all his opponent’s shots as Hayman took the second and the fourth game.

Leaving it all to the fifth, unfortunately, it was Hayman’s tank which fell below the empty line and Barker took the deciding game.

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