FBCS stays focused with Ryan

Students and staff at First Baptist Christian School got to meet 23-year old Ryan Chalmers last Wednesday.  

Mr. Chalmers is an elite, wheelchair athlete who was diagnosed with spina bifida but has never allowed that to slow him down in life. Although walking unassisted may produce a bit of a struggle for Ryan, once he hops into his racing wheelchair, good luck catching him.  

He recently competed in the London 2012 Paralympics and helped his basketball team bring home the gold for two years in a row at the Junior World Games for Athletes with Disabilities in Australia. 

Mr. Chalmers is a charismatic and motivational speaker who captivated his audience and held the attention of students, teachers and parents alike, according to Tina Wilson of First Baptist Christian School.  

“Ryan charmed everyone with his smiles and easy-going personality as he allowed students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 to ask him as many questions as time allowed,” she said. 

Mr. Chalmers first learned to dive in Grand Cayman in 2005 with the Stay-Focused organisation. 

Founded and organised by Roger Muller, Stay-Focused is a non-profit organisation that enables teens and young adults with disabilities to learn to SCUBA dive at any level they can achieve.  

Mr. Chalmers continues to be an active member in Stay-Focused and has now set his sights on racing across Cayman. On 24 November, he will Push Across Cayman as a means of not only celebrating all individuals with disabilities, but also raising funds for Stay-Focused. 

“Please join Ryan and the Stay-Focused organization as they celebrate persons with disabilities. I know First Baptist Christian School students, teachers and staff will be at Camana Bay cheering Ryan on, as he begins his 55 mile Push-Across Cayman,” said Ms Wilson.  

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