Marine law enforcer wins award

Cayman Islands Department of Environment enforcement and conservation officer Mark Orr is the latest recipient of the Cayman Islands government Employee of the Month award. 

Described by his bosses as “the best value-for-money within government”, Mr. Orr works as the chief conservation officer in the Department of Environment and is also the department’s head of enforcement. 

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson on Thursday, 1 November, presented the award for September to Mr. Orr and commended him for his sense of dedication and commitment.  

“I fully understand the risks and rewards of wearing an enforcement uniform, as this was the foundation of my civil service career,” Mr. Manderson said.  

Mr. Orr is the second government staffer to receive the recognition. The first recipient was John Gray High School Principal Lyneth Monteith, for August. 

Each month, a single winner is chosen from nominees put forward by chief officers from their own portfolios. Those awards are known as the Chief Officer’s Choice. 

In addition to the two certificates, Mr. Orr received a monetary award for his efforts to protect the marine environment, as well as his strong interest in public safety. 

“These efforts require teamwork. I especially appreciate that my co-workers, as well as my supervisors, recommended me for this honour,” said Mr. Orr. 

His commitment to the job and work ethic were praised extensively in his nomination form, which also describes him as a true conservationist. It went on to say that “he is available for any disaster: including conservation violations, pollution incidents, as well as search and rescue; and he responds at any hour and in any weather”. 

Some of the chief conservation officer’s recent work included dealing with captive stingrays, protecting nesting sea turtles and dealing with hazards posed to unwary swimmers by a lone wild dolphin.  

The form states that “Mark is driven by the belief that his work makes a difference” and that he “clearly stands highest in devotion to duty”.  

Examples of this include him listing his personal contact details with emergency services and in public brochures as a point of contact for responses to conservation violations – to which he “unfailingly responds”. 

The deputy governor’s award programme was developed to recognise civil servants who exceed expectations. Every 12 months, the deputy governor selects a winner from among people who have received employee of the month during the past year.  

The other September awardees were Michelle Connolly-Rivers, Sophia Chandler, Sherilyn Eden and Brian Crichlow. 

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