Turkeys, tarts and burgers

‘Tis soon going to be the season for festive eating and drinking, and those masters of all things culinary, Bon Vivant, have got you covered.  

On November 15, they’re running a special Thanksgiving Thoughts cooking class. The class is run by local celebrity chef Keith Griffin and guests can watch the master at work, over a glass of wine or two in the demonstration kitchen in Bon Vivant. 

Keith will be keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, but he’s also got a few surprises up his sleeve. We don’t know exactly what, but he’ll be showing you a few ways to mix things up a bit this Thanksgiving.  

Later in the month, you can look forward to a Queen of Tarts night on Tuesday, 20 November, where you’ll be making pastry and fabulous fillings, for big tarts, little tarts, sweet tarts, savoury tarts – all types of tarts. 

Then on Thursday, 29 November, it’s Burgers and Beer – because after all, as classy and refined as we may be, sometimes we do just want to sink our gnashers into a great big, tasty, juicy burger. You can learn everything from the basic, classic burger patty to some truly innovative, decadent versions but would be fit for a queen. Maybe.  

Whether you’re a whizz in the kitchen already or you haven’t a clue, cooking classes are relaxed, sociable and finish with a tasty treat! 


Classes run from 6 to 8pm at Bon Vivant in Camana Bay. Call 623 COOK to reserve your space. 

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