Not just any party boat – a pirate party boat

Those pirates of yesteryear got up to all sorts of mischief on the high seas back in the day, and when Pirates Week rolls around, it seems we just can’t get enough of re-enacting their rum-fuelled, swashbuckling antics.

What better way to celebrate the days of those seafaring villains than to put on your best pirate’s outfit and head out to sea on a boat with plenty of booze?

Spin Splash 19 are organising another “Surrender the Booty” Pirates Week cruise on Sunday, 11 November.

The good ship Sundancer will cast off her mooring lines at 2pm and set sail from SafeHaven, on a course for the Sand Bar. There will be plentiful supplies of grog – as well as Miller Lite and Abuelo specials – and DJs Brooklyn Earick and Snarfbeatz will be providing the tunes. Pirates and wenches can shake their booty until the sun goes down.

When darkness falls the buccaneers and their young maidens will be returned to dry land, safe and sound.

“Tickets must be purchased in advance as this was a serious sell out last year,” advises Natalie Toole of Monster Media. “They are $25 and can be purchased from Spin FM studios or by calling us on 525-9898. The Monster Media team will also be out and about selling tickets and you can find us at Royal Palms Industry Chill next Wednesday with tickets on hand.”

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