Editorial for 12 November: Remember our veterans

We have an opportunity on Sunday – and Monday to devote at
least a few minutes to remember our veterans who fought in various wars to
ensure freedoms throughout the world.

While the Cayman Islands has never been involved in military
combat, we do have many men in our midst who travelled to strange lands to
fight in wars in years gone by.

It is them and their experiences that we honour each
Remembrance Day.

Each year the number of men who fought in far away wars to
ensure world peace dwindle; the same is true in the Cayman Islands.

If you are fortunate enough to know one of these men, listen
to their stories. Learn from their knowledge.

While Remembrance Day is acknowledged on Monday, services
and a parade will be held at 10.30am Sunday at the Elmslie Memorial Church on
the waterfront in George Town.

Many of us cannot fathom what our soldiers went through as
they looked into the face of death every day.

They found themselves on battlefields fighting enemies that
threatened peace for all of us.

They were there for many reasons, but mostly because of a
sense of duty to family, country and world.

They didn’t know if they would come home.

Many didn’t.

As you attend the parade and services, be sure to wear your
red poppy.

The little red flowers were made popular by John McCrae’s
poem, in Flander’s Field. It was chosen because it bloomed across some of the
worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I; their red colour appropriate
because of the bloodshed.

Your purchase of a red poppy helps our Veterans Association
care for those who served who are now most in need.

The men and women in this world who fought in wars for the
sake of our freedom should be remembered each and every day, not just on 11-11
at the 11th hour.



  1. Yes, let us all remember our veterans during this Remembrance Day. It is the very least we can do in due consideration of their service to ensure world peace.

    I think it is an extremely splendid idea to purchase a red poppy where the proceeds go to help the Veterans Association meet the needs of those served. It is also the means of expressing our appreciation in a practical terms. I’m sure most people will support this worthy cause and give generously.

    May Almighty God bless and keep our veterans in His love and care. Thank you all for your service to mankind.

  2. Are there any photos of our veterans?

    What kind of reporting is this?
    Respect is due.

    Editor’s note: The item you are commenting on is the newspaper’s editorial. Editorials are not "reporting", but pieces of writing that express the newspaper’s opinion.. This particular editorial was written with nothing but respect in mind for our veterans of various wars, which is the reason we wrote it in the first place.
    Photographs have never been included in editorials of Caymanian Compass in the 47 years of our existence, as is the custom with most newspapers throughout the world.

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