Hell run is never a heavenly one

It is not expected to be a cold day in Hell on the last morning of Pirates Week, but the pace set by fastest competitors over the ten kilometre course could be hotter than Hell.

Lining up at the start of the To Hell and Back 10K on 18 November will be a mix of strong middle distance runners, fitness enthusiasts, recreational participants, joggers and walkers.

A substantial number will use their performance to determine their preparedness for various distances in the Intertrust Marathon on 2 December.

Although there are no reports that anyone will be going to Hell in a hand basket, there are likely to be a few pram passengers.

Water will be available at every mile, while John Ferguson will also be covering the course with his hydration mobile.

After the crowd assembles on West Bay Road opposite the northern side of the Westin Hotel, at the stroke of 7am the command will be issued to “Go to Hell!”

On the first stage of the journey past condominiums and Public Beach, some intrepid souls will be running like Hell, as others settle into a rhythm which will serve them best to complete the entire 6.2 miles.

After crossing Tiki Beach, to which all will eventually return, the crew will proceed into West Bay.

Walkers will not be disheartened, but will offer vocal support to the frontrunners who appear after having already crossed more than half the distance.

At the four-way stop, participants are not obliged to obey the signs, but must be cautious about crossing this point on both their out-and-back journeys.

The route continues straight across to Town Hall Road where a few of the Hounds of Hell are enclosed in fenced yards.

Care should be exercised in crossing this intersection.

At Hell Road, a left turn will lead to the Devil’s Hangout, where Old Scratch himself will be there to prod one and all to greater efforts.

Leaving the turnaround, a retracing of the route will lead to the finish at Tiki Beach.

On the way back, participants are urged to be aware of traffic which may be encountered.

At Tiki Beach breakfast will be served and awards presented.

The main sponsor is Krys Global. Organiser is the Phoenix Athletic Club. Potential entrants are advised that registration will not be available on race day.

Entry fee is $25 and includes event T-shirt and opportunities for performance and random awards, as well as breakfast.

Registration will be at Tiki Beach on Saturday 17 November from noon-5pm.

Entry forms are available at the Pirates Week office and on the Pirates Week website

For further information, call 928-2537 or 949-5078.

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