Hundreds of conch taken

Men receive financial penalties

Two men were sentenced to financial penalties in Summary Court on Wednesday, 7 November after being convicted of taking more than 240 conchs and one lobster out of season, as well as other offences. 

On Wednesday, 8 February at 8.40am, marine officers in East End near the Cayman Diving Lodge observed a swimmer, who appeared to be taking marine life. When approached the swimmer handed over a bag that had eight conchs. Crown Counsel Tricia Hutchinson said he gave his name as Handel Bodden before using vulgarity and swimming away. He was then stopped and charges were laid. 

Both he and his brother Darvin then went to trial for taking lobster from a replenishment zone and taking conch beyond the prescribed limit for some 200 conchs and one lobster that were subsequently recovered.  

In handing down her sentence, Chief Magistrate Nova Hall said she was particularly concerned about the offences in light of the fact that Caymanians have a vested interest in protecting their marine resources. 

She sentenced Darvin Bodden to pay $1,330 for his marine offences, as well as a charge of consumption of cocaine to be paid over four months, with a prison term of up to five months to be imposed in default of payment.  

Handel Bodden was fined $1,500 for his involvement in taking 248 conchs. He faces up to five months in prison in default of payment. 


  1. The watless layabouts who took 240 conchs out of season should be severely punished instead of just fined a little money and possibly spending only 5 months in Northward Slammer. They should be also whipped and caned to a fare-thee-well for taking that one lobster. These people have no shame and need to learn that taking seafood out of season and swearing at Marine Officers is severely frowned upon in our beautiful green environment.

  2. In my opinion this fine is far too light for such a serious action! They must have created a severe environmental problem through their action and should have been dealt with much more seriously!

  3. I agree with Bracker, these two lowlifer’s should have been more severely punished for their ruthless, selfish, disgusting, and intollerable action. They clearly demonstrated complete disregard for the law and a total lack of due consideration and conceern for their fellow humans.

    Greed and selfishness, as exihibited in this case, are like cancers eating away at our society and seem to be the order of the day for some. And, sadly, it will continue as long as there are rogues like these up-to-no-good men are around. I’m so glad they were caught and brought to justice.

    Those of us who think that this situation will deter others from committing similar acts in the future, better think again. In today’s world one bad bahavior definitely justifies another bad behavior. May God help us!!!

  4. I remember going out with Captain Marvin on the North Sound 30 years ago.

    The passengers were told to jump over and look for conch.
    We each came back with about 10, most of which were put back.

    More recently we went on a similar trip. On the entire boat only 3 people came back with one conch each.

    In a similar vein I well remember Eden Rocks being a most beautiful dive, full of live coral. Now it is all dead.There used to be hundreds of yellow tail snappers, now mostly a few sad looking sergeant majors.

    The only way we will have conch and fish in the future is if we limit what we take now.

    I’m sure these two young men have been breaking conch catch limits for years now on a regular basis. This is just the first time they were caught.

    A much tougher sentence should have been handed down.

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