Farm will try again for turtle release

The Cayman Turtle Farm will try again for a major turtle release this Sunday, after the previous event was cancelled because of weather conditions.  

The release has been scheduled for 4pm on Sunday, 18 November, at the North Sound Golf Club property in Grand Cayman.  

One hundred and fifty turtles will be released into the wild as part of the Cayman Islands annual Pirates Week festivities.  

That number is far more than the Cayman Turtle Farm has released in recent years during the annual event, largely because of what the farm said was a record number of hatchlings seen at the facility this year.  

Past years have seen a limited number of juvenile turtles, usually between 10 and 15, set into the wild.  

The 2011 Pirates Week festivities saw a much higher number of turtles released – about 50. However, many of those were smaller hatchling turtles and not juveniles ages 18 months and 2 years. 


  1. 150 hatchlings MAY be released? Cayman Brac Turtle Patrol saved and released over 1000 hatchlings that would have perished without intervention. Over 5000 hatchlings in all were recorded as having made it to the sea just on tiny Cayman Brac. This was from less than 50 nests. Why is the Turtle Farm unable to participate in sea turtle conservation?

  2. People need to realize is that it is a farm not a conservation facility. Farms operate to produce livestock for consumption.. It’s no different than farms that produce Beef and Chicken except they don’t try to disguise themselves as tourist attractions or conservation facilities. Every Turtle born there is destined for the Dinner plate or soup pot..

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