McLean pleased with assembly

The Cayman Islands recently hosted a general assembly for around 130 Olympic delegates and representatives making presentations to host major tournaments.

A series of meetings were held at the Marriott hotel and they all went swimmingly said Donald McLean, President of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee.

McLean said: “We are very pleased with how all the assemblies went. They were quite flawless, we did not have any issues. All the delegates were very happy with all the presentations.

“This was the first time we were doing simultaneous translations into Spanish which had its challenges but it all went very smoothly and I’m extremely pleased with the result with the general assembly.

“Guatemala made their bid to host the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. But there was only one bid city. So they gave their presentation on their preparedness and willingness and their financial capabilities to host those Games and showed us proposed venues and basic schematics for the Games.

“But we also had and update from Veracruz, Mexico which is the host city for the 2014 Games and we had updates from Toronto 2015 which is hosting the next Pan Am Games and we had a presentation from Nanjing, China which is the next Summer Youth Olympic Games. That was mainly the lion’s share of it, so we had some serious housework to do.”

McLean is pleased that the delegates loved the Cayman Islands and it brought in some invaluable sports tourism revenue.

“From this general assembly we have got a lot of exposure. A lot of people here hadn’t been before, had heard of Cayman but didn’t know where it was.

“I think everybody was suitably impressed. It was also good for our national Olympic Committee, obviously to be based with the regional associations of national Olympic committees.

“We are one of the smaller countries and it demonstrates our capabilities to organise events such as this because, obviously, we will not be able to ever host any Games. But we can host assemblies like this.”

McLean is still happy with the fact that Cayman had five athletes at the London Games. “We had a good team at the London Olympics, five qualified to ‘A’ standard. Some countries had only two athletes, like British Virgin Islands, for example.

“Everybody thought London was an excellent Games. It was well organised, excellent facilities, well structured, excellent volunteers. Also, the Caribbean region did the best it has ever done at the Games.

“We had people like Kirani James of Grenada winning the 400 metres for the first time and Trinidad and Tobago’s Keshorn Walcott winning javelin, the first one in a field event and Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic doing well. Cuba too and Jamaica won the most golds they’ve ever won. So it was good.”

The next Olympics is in Brazil but their alleged lack of preparedness for 2016 was not an issue. McLean said: “There was no discussion about Rio, but the vibe is good, I think most people are excited about Rio.”

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