Go East

The East End of Grand Cayman is an absolutely beautiful place worth a visit at any time of the year. 

And whilst we don’t need an excuse to (re)acquaint ourselves with the gorgeous east, the Heritage Day today, Thursday, 15 November, gives us even more reason to head down to a particularly perfect part of paradise. 

The Heritage Day takes place on Heritage Field, another landmark in an area that already can boast extraordinarily beautiful beaches, splendid fishing and diving, unspoilt landscapes, the brilliant Blow Holes and the Wreck of the Ten Sails Park. Indeed, the East End is also a great place to find traditional colleges and small stores, which sell everything from heavy cake to hand-thatched art. 

The Heritage Day will, without doubt, be an absolute treat of a showcase for the skills of the locals as well as presenting a whole lot of fun for all in attendance. This blend of happy welcome and genuine history is truly a Cayman treasure to stand up against any other. 

Things get under way at 11am, with an address from master of ceremonies John McLean. Prayer and meditation, a rendition of the National Song and the official opening from MLA Arden McLean kick it all off niftily and the music will start to play, running throughout the rest of the day. 

There is a multitude of displays, which will be on show all day, too. Plenty to keep everybody entertained including antiques, artefacts, medicinal bushes, wamper making, dried salt, fish preserving. Also arts and crafts exhibitions, tour of the caves, coconut oil making, mango jam making and making of stewed guava and stewed plum preserves. Phew! And we’ve not even had lunch yet! 

Luckily that happens at midday with ace local food including seafood, crab, turtle, chicken, cakes, pies and drinks.  

At 1pm take a tour of East End’s village and take the opportunity to play some old-time games including plait pole. There’s roasting of corn, demonstrations of fish net making and rope making – two skills which really did serve our forefathers very well for a long, long time. Come and see why Cayman rope was so well-renowned way back when. 

At 3.30pm Blackbeard and Dee Gee turn up, to be joined at 4pm by the Seattle Seafair crew and the Governor and his party at 5pm. There’s an inspection of the displays at 5.30pm and a whole host of demonstrations also starting then. 

From sunset until 2am fireworks and music from local DJs will take the night into real party territory. See you there! 

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