Waste and our future

I believe the overall approach we are embarking upon here is fundamentally flawed. We need to look at a long term worthwhile solution for our waste, garbage and any new facility. Not one that lasts 20 years and ends up filling our lands with yet more waste. What will we have in another 60 years? Are we going to create yet another landfill when the life of this one too comes to an end?

We have to look at waste to energy now! We need to have a national approach to the problem of waste. We need to have much improved legislation requiring us to separate waste at home and at our businesses so that it can be properly sorted, treated and disposed of or exported off island if it cannot be recycled locally.

Remind me again how many empty ships and containers we have leaving our beautiful Island each week?

We need to look at exporting waste that we cannot deal with, or handle locally, to countries that have the funding and facilities to receive, treat and dispose of, or recycle it, according to the appropriate accepted international standards – it cannot simply be buried in our pristine grounds. Do we think it will magically disappear?

Treatment of waste has to be done correctly – no short cuts and it has to be funded appropriately, which may very well mean we all have to pay a little more. But wouldn’t it be worth it? Also, where is the enforcement, even currently? Every day I see rubbish blowing out of vehicles or just being discarded by the wayside. The fines for such offences have to be increased and enforced. Credit is due to the Dart Group for their efforts on this issue to date, however their involvement clearly ends after the initial phase of the proposed new facility. What happens thereafter?

I have read nowhere of what our government plans to do in regards to the more important stages dealing with composting, recycling, waste to energy etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a garbage-free Cayman Islands? Wouldn’t that attract tourism and position us as the premier family oriented destination of choice, where one desires to retire and spend their hard earned wealth accumulated during ones lifetime?

We are small enough that it can be done. We can be trash free – IF we start now and if it is done correctly! We will not allow just another hole in the ground, with complete disregard for what gets put in that hole.

Malcolm Eden


  1. Good morning,
    Pyrolysis technology would be a nice fit for the landfill.
    It would have to be done right, but the benifits would be huge.
    Picking the correct company, to make it happen, so important.
    Thank you

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