Go West for Heritage Day frolics

The lovely district of West Bay is highlighted today, Friday, 16 November, with its own Heritage Day, located at the special new Heritage Village next to the Ed Bush Stadium, which is on Birch Tree Hill Road. 

If you didn’t already know the area, now’s the time to find out about the intriguing and dramatic rock formation of Hell, or perhaps the lighthouse, Cayman Turtle Farm, two dolphin parks, horseriding, Nurse Leila’s Home, the Motor Museum (featuring the Batmobile, chaps!) as well as some excellent restaurants beaches and lots and lots of that unparalleled Caymanian hospitality. 

West Bayers say that they are proud of their Christian, seafaring, turtling, agricultural and thatch heritage and of the many accomplishments of their district.  

The idea is to honour their forefathers and the lessons passed on, enabling all to learn the values of one generation to another. And so say all of us. 

Things kick off at 11am with the official opening, which features the National Song as sung by the talented chaps at the John A Cumber Primary School.  

Then the sights, sounds and experiences take centre stage; all are invited to join the West Bay people as they reminisce on church going, turtle ranging, regatta racing, thatch plaiting, sand backing, cultivating and kitchen dancing days while guests enjoy many other activities. 

Enjoy great food, crafts, games, catboat displays, heritage displays, rope-making and conch shell blowing. Cayman thatch work will be demonstrated and on sale. There will be storytelling, a children’s treasure hunt, gig spinning and sales.  

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands will be on hand and local books will be on sale. There will also be a baby show, talent show, hula hoop contest, cooking on the Caboose, steel pan music, old time church service and lots more. Information booths from DoE, the Complaints Commissioner and SaxonMG will also be there. 

Of course, the pirates turn up at 3.30pm, the governor and friends at 4pm and the night carries on with spectacular fireworks and music into the night. 

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