Watchmaking expert lands in Cayman

The skill of watch repairing and watchmaking has come to the Cayman Islands.
Adrian Fernandez joined Island Companies about two months ago, bringing his special talents to the Caribbean for the first time. 

“I moved from Amsterdam,” said Mr. Fernandez, who explained that his previous company built movements for many watchmakers. 

“I have worked with most of the brands we now have in the market and have worked also in Switzerland,” he added. 

Mr. Fernandez comes from a long line of watchmakers. 

“My dad, my grandfather, my uncle and my brother, who works in Switzerland, are all in the business,” he said. 

“Cayman is a beautiful place and a beautiful climate. It is always sunny here and people are very friendly. I am very happy to work with a company like this which has big plans for the future.” 


Apprentice training  

Indeed, Mr. Fernandez is also training up a young Caymanian, Matthew McNamee, as an apprentice. 

Tony Barnett of Island Companies said that this presented an excellent opportunity for Mr. McNamee. 

“There are not many people doing what Adrian does around the world now, so to learn from him is excellent. I am amazed at the work and the craftsmanship that goes into it,” he said. “To see someone make a watch from just the blueprint is an amazing thing.” 

Alexandre Tabacoff, also of Island Companies, said that the new workshop was at Island Plaza and the idea was to give fast service to the customers. 

“It is right next to our Island Time store and is accessible. We felt it was an opportunity also to make the service interesting for the customers. When you visit you can watch Adrian and Matthew working together on repairing watches. 

“The workshop is transparent in prices, and also because you can watch them from outside. We think it is the first of its kind in the Caribbean,” Mr. Tabacoff said. 

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