Me hearties, yon Brac beckons arrrrrr

We’re deep into the Pirates Week celebrations, of course, and the SaxonMG-presented national festival continues to delight. 

Delightful, too, is the brilliant Cayman Brac experience. The larger of the two Sister Islands has an atmosphere all its own, with lots of friendliness and the rugged bluff creating a real vibe that’s well worth sampling. 

We tell you all this because the Brac hosts its own Pirates Week celebrations from Friday, 23 to Sunday, 25 November. The fascinating and historic island holds many treasures – which is lucky, given that the theme of Pirates Week 2012 is Cayman Shipwrecks and Hidden Treasures. Oh, and there are shipwrecks, too, but we forgot to mention that in the previous sentence, but never mind, because we just did. Mention it. 


Events beckon 

A swift trot through events shows us that the Pirates Airport Welcome is on Friday at 7pm followed by the welcome party at Edds Place, which will no doubt go on into the small hours. 

On Saturday, 24 November, the parade starts at Alexander Hotel at 4.30pm, with fireworks set for 7pm. The Heritage Day with numerous stalls and so on takes place at Spot Bay Park from midday to 8pm. 

Sunday afternoon sees the dominoes tournament at Edds Place and a 6pm seafood feast, scavenger hunt and movie at the Alexander Hotel as a special farewell to the pirates for another year. 


Please contact Melanie Scott for more information at 916-2380. 

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