Editorial for 20 November: Viewing CIGTV offers value

It seems Premier McKeeva Bush and the Cayman Islands
government are under fire from all sides these days, with everything they
suggest drawing harsh criticism from certain corners.

But one of the latest initiatives, Cayman Islands Government
Television, is an important achievement that has the ability to change Cayman’s
political landscape.

In addition to various conferences and local entertainment
packages, CIGTV has been airing the current contentious meeting of the
Legislative Assembly.

In the past, very few people have witnessed most proceedings
of the Legislative Assembly outside of special sittings like the State Opening.
Although people were able to listen to the meetings on Radio Cayman, they
generally didn’t see what was going on inside the chamber.

Journalists, often the only ones in the gallery during the
sitting, were able to see what was going on, although for reasons of courtesy
and fear from reprisals didn’t report a lot of what they witnessed.

That has changed now.

For the first time, people can see on television what our
legislators in the House are doing. They can see the sleeping; the reading of
newspapers and magazines; the constant usage of smart phones and iPads; and the
frequent disappearances of members for long periods of time, all which pretty
much equates to goofing off on the job.

They also get to see the behaviour the members of the
Legislative Assembly, which sometimes more resembles an episode of Men Behaving
Badly than the workings of Parliament. 

Ultimately, Cayman’s Legislative Assembly members are the
employees of the voting public. In the past, the people haven’t been able to
see their employees in action, or as it is in many cases, inaction. Now they
can and it will make them more informed voters.

Anyone who has an interest in the Cayman Islands, and
especially voters, should watch a sitting or two of the Legislative Assembly,
though we’ll warn you now that you might find yourself shaking your head a lot
while watching.


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