Bodden Towners call landfill process ‘a sham’

Dart, government seek input on project environmental impact

A rowdy public hearing in Bodden Town put Dart group representatives and Health Minister Mark Scotland on the hot seat as residents wondered why a proposed landfill must go in the Midland Acres area.  

The meeting was held to inform residents about the project in Grand Cayman and give them an opportunity to provide comments on the terms of reference for the upcoming environmental impact assessment of the landfill site.  

The public comment period ends 29 November.  

“No one’s saying that we should do nothing, the problem has to be fixed and it should have been fixed years ago,” said Alan Beiner, chairman of the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free. “If indeed the dump has to be moved, there should be an independent … not paid for by Dart … an independent site selection process. This is a sham.”  

Midland Acres resident Benton Conolly said the waste management facility would be closest to his neighbourhood, which is just east of Bodden Town proper, but still well within the district.  

“If that site was determined as the best site in Cayman to put the dump, why didn’t government purchase the land?” he asked. “All of the land is owned by Dart. When Dart decides to leave this country … what is the government going to do?”  

Minister Scotland, who represents the Bodden Town district as a member of the Legislative Assembly, fielded questions from the audience, often having to wait to respond while people shouted over his answers.  

Mr. Scotland said the previous government had used a similar environmental impact exercise while considering a waste-to-energy facility at the current landfill site in central George Town.  

“Only one [site] alternative was being considered … at that time it was a similar exercise and a precedent was set there,” he said.  

The waste-to-energy solution was estimated to cost $120 million for start up costs and another $12 to $13 million a year to run the facility.  

“Money, that’s the problem,” Mr. Scotland said. “I’ve never said the project cannot be addressed in George Town … what I’ve said is that it costs to do that.”  

Department of Environment Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie, who sits on the government’s Environmental Advisory Board for the landfill project, said her group initially recommended that the board look at “alternatives, including alternative technologies” for the landfill.  

“However, we were advised that policy decisions had been taken by the government with respect to the project and that the project had been defined as this project at this location and that is what we have engaged in … since we came on board in February,” she said.  

The environmental impact assessment will be handled in a partnership with three groups, the Environmental Advisory Board, United States-based consulting firm Cardno Entrix and Dart Realty Cayman.  

Once the public comment period ends, the public’s concerns will be taken into account and the scope of the terms of reference for the study will be finalised.  

The environmental impact assessment will then be conducted based on the terms of reference and an “environmental statement” – essentially a summary of the environmental impact assessment will be presented. Following that completion of the statement, Dart representatives said another public consultation process will be held. 


  1. If you look at the faces of these people, they are not even Bodden Towners. Why dont they stay home in their own district.
    This is nothing but a Bush hunt, They have no interest in Bodden Town. Besides they are wasting their time, they might aswell stay home. Ignorance why my peopleperish.

  2. The people of Midland Acres deserve to have the waste management facility run in a professional manner with mandatory recycling and professional managment for 10 years while training Caymanians to take it over.
    The people must be assured that it will not just be another George Town dump and the payroll generated should go to Boddentowners.

  3. Sounds like a good idea XOXOXO, but this unit burns wood waste. How should all the other waste be dealt with..?

    If sounds like what you’re saying is that the CIG is lying about the WTE solution costing 120 Million dollars when it can actually be done for 3 Million. If this is true, why hasn’t it been done..

    If you could actually just buy this machine and turn Mt Trashmore into electricity Dart wouldn’t be talking about just capping it unless you folks think this is some kind of conspiracy to steal the Caymanian peoples garbage.

  4. nj2cay ..The pgfirebox Burns MSW which is garbage with a fancy acronym Municipal Solid Waste that said it is also used to burn sewage sludge, bodies, and yes Wood.
    The aircurtain technology is used allover the world
    including where you live.
    Also The waste to energy genset has just finished testing a few weeks ago. I am sure it will be used in Cayman someday it just takes a while to inform people of the options out there.
    Many other islands are going to order the PGfirebox. Cayman is not alone when it comes to trash problems

  5. Thanks XOXOXO, Is the Cayman Island Government not aware that they can buy this machine which will solve thier garbage issues for only 3 Million dollars..

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