Meanwhile, in the Bahamas…

It’s only an hour or thereabouts down the road (if roads were in the sky and aeroplanes were flying cars) so Bahamas ain’t off our radar here in Weekenderland (which is somewhere between Atlantis and Cloud City).

That’s why we were intrigued by the 2012 Bahamas Speed Week Revival, which starts on Saturday, 24 November, and runs through to Sunday, 2 December. That’s if speed weeks could run, of course.

Building on the success of 2011’s revival, the programme has been expanded to include a Gala Concert, Auto Trade Show, Out Island Excursions, Beach Party and much more. It’s all about classic cars, folks, and these fall into three eligible sections:

Sports or GT Racer of the type, which originally took part during the period 1954 – 1966, capable of running in a Tour Auto type event.

A Classic/Exotic Road Car, classified as Tour Car, which can be any interesting car from 1954 – 1980. Cars post 1980 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Supercars are also welcomed.

Sounds groovy already and to top it all off, the legendary Sterling Moss will be hanging out there. Not literally hanging out, because that would be far from ideal in a family event now wouldn’t it? Dear me.

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