Brent leads Youth well

As local domino players push ahead with a new season, East End remains the top squad.

The reigning national champions, the East End Mystical Youth, are off to another unbeaten start. The Mystical Youth recently defeated Island All Stars by eight points in the Cayman Island Domino Association 2012-2013 national league.

The star players for All Stars were Garth Salmon and Deon Swaby. It was a team effort on East End’s part, who are guided by talents like Brent Greene.

DLK remain a threat to East End after a 25-point victory over Eastern Star at DLK Bar. The star players for DLK were Gary Berry and Teddy Guthrie and the star players for Eastern Star were Matthew McLaughlin and Syd Parsons.

The league schedule saw matches in George Town on Sunday as Archies battled the Roti team at Singh’s Roti Shop with DLK facing Sea Inn at Sea Inn Bar. Games continue this Sunday.

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