Editorial for 26 November: There’s still hope out there

After reading Friday’s editorial page in
the Caymanian Compass, we were left feeling better about the future and the
potential of this country than we have in a long time.

For those who may have missed it, letters
written by two young Caymanians – Kenneth Bryan and Carolina Ferreira –
appeared in Friday’s editorial page.

Mr. Bryan’s dealt with issues regarding
journalistic responsibility and fairness within the local media. Ms Ferreira’s
letter was a lengthy account based on her own personal view from last week’s
meeting of the Coalition For Cayman.

Although we did not agree with the focus of
Mr. Bryan’s letter, we felt his comments about voters having enough information
prior to the May general elections were absolutely correct.

We were left, frankly, in awe of Ms
Ferreira’s letter, which raised issues regarding independent candidates that we
believe most people here haven’t even considered yet.

Also, Ms Ferreira’s letter touched on the
issue of how much information voters are actually being given prior to the May
2013 balloting.

Whether you agree or disagree with the
positions taken by these two, we were very glad to see the younger generation
stepping up to the plate on serious issues and signing their names to what they

What’s more, the tone and quality of their
arguments was of a very high standard. Indeed, we wonder if certain members of
the Legislative Assembly currently occupying seats in the house might learn a
few things from these two letter writers about how to present arguments clearly
and effectively.

We know there are a lot more people out
there like Mr. Bryan and Ms Ferreira who could express their views on a number
of subjects in much the same manner.

Whatever their particular personal views,
we would like to officially urge the younger folk to send in their letters,
make website comments and make their voices heard.

We believe your country needs you, now more
than ever.


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