Man pleads guilty to flare gun firearm charge in Grand Court

Attorney will argue exceptional circumstances

Seymour Patrick Ramsay, 37, pleaded guilty in Grand Court on Friday to possession of an adapted flare gun and cartridges without a licence under the Firearms Law. 

Details of the charge are that he had the gun along Sound Road in Grand Cayman in the vicinity of Welly’s Cool Spot on 6 July. The gun is described as a black flare gun adapted to fire 12-gauge cartridges and loaded with a 12-gauge cartridge. The charge also alleges three 
separate cartridges. 

Attorney Guy Dilliway-Parry asked for a social inquiry report before sentencing. He told Justice Charles Quin that there would be an “exceptional circumstance” argument made. 

On a guilty plea for an unlicensed firearm, the mandatory minimum sentence is seven years. But the judge may impose a lesser sentence if he or she is of the opinion that there are exceptional circumstances. The circumstances may relate to either the offence or the offender. 

Ramsay has been in custody since the incident. 

When he was first brought to court in July, Crown Counsel Tricia Hutchinson advised that the item had not yet been certified as a firearm by an expert, but said it had been fired by a trained officer.  

Ramsay’s attorney at the time argued that when another officer tried to fire the gun with the ammunition found, he was not successful. Using additional bullets from the police store, it took a total of six attempts before it fired once, she pointed out.  

Justice Quin ordered the pre-sentence report and told Ramsay that officers from Cayman Islands Department of Children and Family Services would visit him at Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward. He is to return to court on Friday, 18 January. 

Cayman Islands Courthouse - palm tree

The Law Courts Building in downtown George Town. – Photo: File

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