A huge egg, and that’s no yolk!

Dexter Wood has been keeping chickens for years, and he now is the proud owner of 220 Rhode Island Reds that produce more than 100 eggs per day for him. He’s seen small eggs and big ones in his time, but nothing prepared him for his discovery of an egg that looked more prehistoric than modern day fowl.

“When I went in to collect the eggs that morning, I saw this large thing on the ground,” he says. “I thought there was no way that was a chicken egg, but sure enough it was.

“I’ve managed to get some that are bigger than usual in the past, and most of them have two yolks in them. I think this one probably has three yolks in it or more!”

It remains to be seen whether someone will actually crack this one open and consume it, but let’s hope they bring a hearty appetite to the table.

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