Editorial for 28 November: Open up your hearts, wallets

It’s hard to believe there are only two more days left in
the month of November.

It means that Christmas is just around the corner and that
agencies and service clubs that take care of the least fortunate of those among
us will be out in full force soliciting volunteers and donations.

These requests come at a time when many of us are feeling
fewer corns in our pocketbooks.

A glance at the poll at cayCompass.com, which asks “How much
spending on Christmas will you do this year?”, already shows that a majority of
the responders will spend a lot less this year.

So it is our request when you are divvying up your Christmas
dollars to keep in mind the groups and organisations that will be turning to
you to help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter.

If your home church is having a food drive for those in your
community, pick up an extra can of peaches or a bag of dried beans to add to
the cache. If each church members donates one item, those in charge will be
able to make several Christmas baskets to deliver to those among us who are in
the most need.

Camana Bay is in the full throes of its 12 Days of
Christmas, with each day dedicated to a charitable organisation that will
ensure – with your help – families get fed and children have a good Christmas.

St. Ignatius is once again holding its Christmas fundraiser
in which a lucky, generous person could win the big prize of $25,000 while
helping the school and church raise needed funds.

There will be many food and toy drives this Christmas
season; plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in the community and
play your part to help out a fellow human being.

Please remember the various charities, service clubs and
organisations that do work year-round in our community when you are determining
where to best put your Christmas cash and donations to work.

It’s hard to believe that November is almost at an end in
the Cayman Islands and Christmas is right around the corner.

We all have an opportunity to make this the best Christmas
for those who need us most.


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