City Services submits Shetty-related plan

Developers have submitted another planned area development application to complement the proposed medical tourism facility in East End.

The newest application was submitted by City Services (Cayman) Ltd. and is separate from the earlier application submitted by Health City Development Ltd. (also known as “Shetty hospital” and led by Gene Thompson), according to a news release.

“As a long-term resident and developer, I am committed to the Cayman Islands and remain optimistic about the recovery of our economy. This PAD application represents the largest of several projects we currently have underway,” said Joe Imparato of City Services.

Mr. Imparato said site preparation and road infrastructure work could begin early next year.

Submitted 29 November, the City Services application is for a 132-acre community surrounding the hospital, and includes hotels, residential areas, commercial buildings, retail outlets, restaurants and civic buildings. The planned area development application carried with it a CI$66,000 application fee and did not include requests for any fee waivers or Government concessions.

The earlier application by Health City Cayman Islands and Health City Development includes plans for the hospital itself, medical and nursing schools, assisted living facilities, hotels, retail outlets, offices and residences.

Dated 21 November, the Health City Cayman islands plans call for a 150-bed cardiac and orthopaedic hospital to be built from 2012-2013; a 360-bed facility for other specialties, as well as medical and nursing schools for 2,000 and 1,000 students, and a 300-room hotel to be built from 2014-2016; a transplant facility with 500 beds to be built from 2017-2019; and a further expansion of 1,000 beds from 2020-2030.

Dated 23 November, the Health City Development plans call for 150,000 square feet to be built from 2014-2016 (residential, office, retail, restaurant, shopping centre and saltwater air-conditioning plant); 300,000 square feet to be built from 2016-2018 (retail, office, assisted living, residential, park); 380,000 square feet to be built from 2018-2021 (residential, offices, retail, apartments); and 500,000 square feet to be built from 2021-2023 (retail, residential, homes, hotel, condominium).

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