Premier receives honorary doctorate

The University College of the Caribbean has conferred an honorary Doctor of Public Service Degree on Cayman Islands Premier William McKeeva Bush.

The distinction is expected to be made at the institution’s Fall 2012 commencement ceremony address under the theme “Integrity: the Language of Leadership”. The ceremony will take place at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Downtown Kingston next Thursday.

According to an article in the 3 November Gleaner, “Mr. Bush will be recognised for his years of public service to the people of the Cayman Islands, his efforts in improving the lives of Jamaicans in Cayman through deliberate policy thrusts and his continued efforts in improving the relationship between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.”

In announcing the decision to confer the degree, UCC singled out what it termed “the politically risky, but principled decisions which Bush has made to improve the standing of many expatriates in Cayman, including a number of Jamaicans who have lived, loved and worked in the neighbouring British territory for years, contributing to its development”.

In a release, the university said it was referring to “the controversial, but far-reaching decision by Mr. Bush’s government in 2003 to grant citizenship to some 3,000 long-term expatriates who had contributed significantly to that country and had established roots, but who faced an uncertain future”.

The UCC board also noted Mr. Bush’s status as the Cayman Island’s longest-serving legislator, which has earned him the moniker ‘Father of the House’ having served in the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands since 1984.


  1. So UCC honours the premier for the infamous 2003 status grants, which were likely unlawfully conferred and reflected no principle at all since they were no objective criteria, ignored many deserving individuals while some grants were made to undeserving individuals, and were shrouded in secrecy, on the basis that some Jamaicans benefitted, and does it all in the name of integrity and principled leadership to boot. What a shame and slap in the face to Caymanians.

    UCC must have its own dictionary which gives new meanings to the words principled and integrity.

  2. This is absolutely hilarious… what did Mac give Jamaican really give?

    Give him a doctorate mean he is smart enough in public service that he can teach it… like to see who would enroll in that class. I guess they have never seen him speak, cause he is one of the worst I have ever seen.

  3. Well, you go there Mr Premier, Willam McKeeva Bush, CONGRATS for a job well done!

    No other legislator in the history of the Cayman Islands has ever had this honour bestowed on them. I truly believe uou are a good man, and it’s a pity that you have such let-downs and power hungry individuals to contend with as you can’t do it all by yourself.

  4. I hope that UCC doesnt get themselves dirty while conferring this honorary doctorate. Kissing ass can be a dangerous job.

    It sure makes a mockery and diminishes the status that other deserving individuals might have already received when conferrred with degrees.

  5. Wow, I guess that’s what you call skipping a grade. Going from 8th grade to a doctorate! But seriously, this is beyond ludicrous. It is downright a mockery of higher education and just wrong on so many levels.

  6. Petersimple I hope you are not implying that any Educational Institution which originated from the Caribbean is good for nothing. Because I know certain people love to knock anything Caribbean and highly favor anything originates in the United States. There questionable institutions all around the world these days , not to mention the ones which award online degrees. Some of these degree-manufacturing institutions don’t even require any physical work on the part of their candidates. I do not think U.C.C. is one of these. It is advisable that you check the institution before you paint it red

  7. I don’t believe he will take it he said You don’t need education. I also don’t believe he want’s to be addressed as Dr. Bush. The many faces of our Premier with five months left for changes to take place.

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