Camana Bay Christmas Give Focus on The CAYS Foundation

The Children and Youth Services Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering youth and their families experiencing difficulties in Grand Cayman, through the operation and management of two residential homes, rehabilitative programmes and educational support.

Residential care is a vital resource for many young people in our community. The Bonaventure Boys’ Home and Frances Bodden Girls’ Home are sanctuaries for 11- 17-year-old at-risk youth. The foundation ensures these key members of our society are able to reach their full potential by providing a continuum of care in a safe and nurturing environment.

The 10-bed Bonaventure Boys’ Home serves at-risk boys placed in its care by the Court and operates a Therapeutic Community Programme to address antisocial behaviour, as well as provide a school-based curriculum for all residents in the programme. Frances Bodden Girls’ Home’s Care and Protection Programme offers its female residents 24-hour care and protection in a nurturing environment, while parents are encouraged to attend sessions and counselling to ensure that parent or guardian relationships are maintained and fostered to ensure a smooth reintegration back in to the family home or community when the time comes.

The CAYS Foundation and its children’s homes are in need of support to continue its many programmes, provide supplies for residents, including recreational equipment, clothing and shoes, as well as rewards and bedroom furniture for parents’ homes in preparation for transition.

This Christmas, restore an at-risk child’s faith in Santa Claus by selecting a gift to purchase from the Camana Bay Wish Tree. Located in The Discovery Centre, the Wish Tree is decorated with gift ideas to purchase for children identified by both The CAYS Foundation and Children & Family Services, ensuring your gifts reach to the people who need it most.

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