Camana Bay Christmas Give Focus on Cayman’s ARK

Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness is a community-based, grassroots, humanitarian foundation, celebrating six years of Acts of Kindness this December.

Having observed a need to promote awareness of poverty, abuse, disease, redundancy and suffering in the Cayman Islands community, ARK set out to make a difference “one life at a time”. However, what makes Cayman’s ARK unique as an organisation is that it helps the people who have fallen between the cracks of society; people who have been let down by spouses, poverty, employers, insurance, family, illness – or by simple rotten luck.

There are many people in the Cayman Islands who are struggling in silence. Many are living in poverty or unable to provide food for their families. And the holiday season can be even more challenging for these families. Cayman’s ARK strives to ease this burden – and bring smiles to the many who are struggling this season.

For the fifth year, Cayman’s ARK holds its annual Giving is Receiving initiative, a community food and gift drive that helps to ensure that families in need of help over the holidays receive the food, household and gift items necessary to have a wonderful Christmas, too.

The initiative runs through Friday, 14 December, and it’s easy to get involved through the Camana Bay Christmas Give. Pick up a Cayman’s ARK shopping bag – and shopping list – from The Discovery Centre in Camana Bay and take it back full of goodies. Grocery bags are also available from ARK members, who will be happy to pick up donations for those with busy schedules.

Donated food and gift items are then sorted, packed, wrapped and distributed to families on Cayman’s ARK’s ever-growing list. Many families are identified to ARK by members of the public working in churches, school canteens, the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and other organisations that work closely in the community and witness the many levels of suffering first hand.

Make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas by supporting the Camana Bay Christmas Give and Cayman’s ARK. A bag of groceries is a small gift that can make a big difference to someone’s Christmas – and beyond.

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