Still want to know, where is Anna?

As we all know so far the Cayman Islands Police have not found any trace of poor Anna, who vanished while working in that nasty dump.

She should not have been there in the first place if Cayman was run right. You think our beautiful Cayman women need to be working in some dump where they can vanish without a trace? Come on now. This is one thing that will not get swept under the rug. Someone or some people knows what happened to Anna and sooner later that which is now in the dark will come to light and we will know what happened to Anna. Many would like for this to go away, but just like how they would like it to go away, I would like to know what happened to Anna.

So very quickly the case file seemed to get cold; not even any mention of her investigation. Poor Anna, gone just like that as we all know Cayman is a place that you can do that. Poof and then you are gone, on an island, with around 58,000 people. So as long as I can write now and then I will write and ask the question for those that are missing on the Cayman Islands, like Anna, and many more. Do you know something about what happened to Anna?

Emile S. Levy


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