Lakeland Villas gets neighbourhood watch

Residents of Lakeland Villas have set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in conjunction with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.  

Police Constable Odale Mulgrave, the beat officer in the area, has been working with the group since August. Earlier this month, the police service presented the neighbourhood watch chairwoman with official signage. 

“The aim of neighbourhood watch is simply to prevent crime in the area and therefore maintain safe and confident communities,” Mr. Mulgrave said. “We will be working with members of the team to carry out security surveys and provide advice about how we can work together to make the area even safer. Simple things like cutting down bushes, improving lighting and making sure residents have considered all aspects of household security.  

“The neighbourhood watch will work in partnership with the RCIPS by being our eyes and ears in the community and will quickly identify and report any suspicious activity. I’m sure the group will be very successful and I would urge anyone in the Cayman Islands who wants to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme to get in touch with us now – it’s a great way to encourage residents to look out for one another and create some good old fashioned community spirit.” 

Stacyann Boxwell, chairwoman of the Lakeland Villas neighbourhood watch, said she is excited to be at the helm of the new scheme.  

“I hope to get the entire community involved and work on safety initiatives, fundraising activities and community projects geared at maintaining the peace and tranquillity we enjoy in our community,” she said.  


Anyone who wants to learn more about how to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme should contact their local police office. 

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