Patient services representative is your healthcare advocate

At the Health Services Authority, we believe good communication between our staff and our patients is vital if we are to give our patients a fully rounded healthcare service.  

Ensuring our patients are completely aware of their treatment and fully understand the services we can provide means better and more informed choices and therefore speedier recovery. In addition, having someone on hand with whom patients and families can discuss any issues about treatment or the service provided at the hospital means peace of mind during often stressful times of illness when reassurance and guidance are most needed. 


Here to help  

The HSA provides this type of advocacy and assistance through the office of the patient services representative. Our patient services representative, Tina McLean, is available to assist Health Services Authority patients, providing compassionate support services and addressing any patient, family or other care provider concerns in a timely manner.  

Having a patient services representative available means that we are able to build confidence not only in our service, but also our staff as well. We believe that each time a patient is in contact with our patient services representative during the patient’s experience with us reinforces the fact that our patients are receiving the very best in treatment and care. 

Ms McLean is often an early first point of contact for patients throughout the organisation, ensuring that there is coordination of both care and service in both the in-patient and out-patient setting. She also provides advice to Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac, as well as district clinics throughout the Island.  

It is her responsibility to ensure the comfort and convenience for patients (in consultation with medical staff) wherever relevant in these patient areas. 

Having worked with the Cayman Islands Hospital for almost three decades, Ms McLean has an excellent medical background, as a practicing nurse as well as in various supervisory positions. 


Hands-on approach   

The HSA’s patient services representative takes on a wide variety of roles in her capacity as someone who cares for the needs of our patients. Her routine includes making rounds on inpatient units at the Cayman Islands Hospital, so that patients, having voiced their needs and concerns can be assured that they are being dealt with in an appropriate manner.  

She also assists with discharge planning on identified patients if this service is required. 

With our transient population here in the Cayman Islands and our continuous supply of visitors, the Cayman Islands Hospital sees its fair share of non-residents and people from overseas who have need of our healthcare services. In the case of cruise ship passengers who become unwell during their vacation, our patient services representative will liaise with cruise ship representatives to ensure that good communication is maintained and the patient’s needs are met. She will also work with relatives of patients who are overseas visitors, to see that all necessary arrangements are carried out efficiently and effectively. 

Because our patient services representative has a wide view of the services we provide from many perspectives, she is in an excellent position to receive feedback from our patients about ways in which the HSA can continually improve its services.  

Ms McLean works closely with all service providers to facilitate the provision of high quality of patient services. This includes the monitoring of complaints and suggestions as well as overseeing suggestion boxes and conducting staff and patient surveys. 

One of the patient services representative’s main roles is to act as a patient advocate in ensuring that services are provided in a way that satisfies patients’ needs. When there is an issue, it is her responsibility to receive, follow-up and provide feedback on complaints and suggestions relating to patient services and to identify any gaps within the service that the HSA offers. 

In taking this responsibility a step further, our patient services representative also maintains a log of all complaints and their resolution as well as all compliments received by the organisation. This enables the organisation to monitor and identify trends and then act accordingly, with the ultimate goal of improving and enhancing our service provision. 



Good interpersonal relationships between our patients, visitors and employees mean we are able to build customer loyalty and confidence in the service we provide. 

At the Health Services Authority, it is our aim to put the patient at the very centre of the services we offer by improving the experience of every patient who accesses care at any of our facilities. The role of patient services representative is dedicated to facilitating communication between the patient and the clinical staff, thus making it easier for patients to access our facilities and receive the care they require. Our patient services representative is a key member of our organisation. 

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