The way you see it

Are you seeing yourself as you should or have you given up on that beautiful you that is deep inside waiting to get out?

There is a story about an older lady who picked a man from the airport to go to a presentation she was involved with. She was probably in her late sixties. Handing him a brochure, she begins to tell him about her group but notices that he is not paying attention to her because he was so distracted by the photo of a young, attractive woman on the front of the brochure. The caption under the photo identifies the woman as the president of the organisation. But, he thought the woman driving him was the president. The older lady notices his confusion and cleared it up.

“Yes, that is me,” she says. “A very old picture of a very young me.” She went on to explain that she was out of town when her club needed a photo and they called the house and talked to her husband and that was what he sent them. She continued by saying that a few weeks later, when she returned back home and saw the brochure, she just about had a stroke because that brochure had been sent to every woman she knew in town, and she could just imagine every single one of them snickering at that picture, making comments such as, “Does she really believe she still looks like her?” She was so angry at her husband for doing that to her that she barged into his office waving that brochure and began screaming at him asking him how he could send a 40-year-old picture of her for this brochure.

Then, without warning, all of the anger drained out of her because there was nothing she could do then. There was no taking it back or redoing it so she just put her hands over her face and just wept like a baby. This really upset her husband who then asked her what was going on. She looked up and gave him a cold-stone stare. Holding up the brochure so he could clearly see the photo, she asked him, “Did you or did you not send in this picture?” and he answered, “You know I did………..” “and what were you thinking?” she asked, yelling again. But, for the first time, she noticed his puzzled expression. “They asked me to send in a photo of you so I did.” She promptly replied “Not one that was 40 years old,” and pointed angrily to the picture in the brochure. “Do I look like that?” and he calmly looked at her and replied “To me, you do.”

Because she knew her husband she could tell that he was dead serious and suddenly realised that in his eyes, she wasn’t just this old lady. She was still the young beautiful woman he had fallen in love with so many years ago and for the second time she cried again.”

The moral of the story is to not ever stop seeing that beautiful you, no matter what age or what stage you are at on the journey. Keep sharing and growing and just be the best person that you can be and folks will come up with their own interpretation.

The wonderful, youthful you is still there; alive and in living colour! And then tell me how your week is going at [email protected]

Catherine Tyson is the author of I’m Somebody’s Mama and host of the Lighten Up Show With Catherine Tyson on Cayman 27.

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