Convicted killer loses appeal

Devon Anglin’s life sentence upheld

The Cayman Islands, Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal by Devon Anglin, convicted earlier this year for the murder of Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club.

Mr. Webster, 36, and another man were shot around 1.30am on a Friday night//Saturday morning in September 2009 when an estimated 300 people were in the club.

Anglin, 26, had elected trial by judge alone. Chief Justice Anthony Smellie heard evidence that included two anonymous witnesses. He said he found their evidence to be credible and reliable, with no motive to implicate Anglin. 

The witnesses, identified only as B and E, gave their evidence from an unknown location, with only the Chief Justice seeing them by means of a video link. The rest of the courtroom, including Anglin and his attorneys, only heard their voices, which were electronically altered.

Defence attorneys Dorian Lovell-Pank and Lucy Organ presented Anglin’s appeal. They cited evidence they described as inconsistent or contradictory. They pointed out that, after the Crown had called all of its evidence but before they closed their case, the Defence had asked the judge to lift the anonymity orders and the judge had refused that application.

In his appeal, Mr. Lovell-Pank asserted that by failing to lift the orders, the judge had “slammed the door on the defendant’s right to examine the witnesses properly” and that made the trial unfair.

David Perry replied on behalf of the Crown and cited all the evidence that he said supported the anonymous witnesses.

The judges concluded that they should see confidential material that had led Justice Charles Quin to grant the anonymous witness orders and the Chief Justice to refuse the application to lift the orders. They did so on Tuesday, the second day of the appeal.


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