Former Turks Premier arrested in Rio

Former Premier of the Turks and Ciacos Islands, Michael Misick, was arrested at the Santos Dumond airport in Rio de Janeiro by the Brazilian Federal Police Friday.

He was arrested as result of an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol and further warrant issued by Brazilian Supreme Court, it was confirmed by the Turks and Caicos Special Investigation and Prosecution Team.

Mr. Misick faces a number of serious charges relating to corruption and maladministration in Turks, a British Overseas Territory. 

His arrest was sought in relation to an ongoing investigation by the special investigation team into issues arising from Sir Robin Auld’s 2008-09 Commission of Inquiry relating to alleged corruption and maladministration.

Misick will receive British consular assistance, according to authorities. No further details were immediately provided. .


  1. hahh! after mashing up the country for special interest purposes, they took so long to arrest one man. they could have done this a long time without dissolving TCIs democracy

  2. I hope this man gets his day in court and justice is served. There will be some who blame the UK for this but I do not agree, this corruption is home grown and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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