Cancer Society burgled

A burglar broke into the Cayman Islands Cancer Society office early Tuesday and stole cash raised by the local community in what representatives of the organisation called a despicable act. 

Surveillance video of the break-in shows one person, wearing jeans and a blue hoodie, scaling a fence at the rear of the building in George Town, and jimmying open and climbing through a back window. 

Cancer Society Operations Manager Jennifer Weber explained: “It happened at around 3 in the morning. The individual apparently unscrewed the floodlights, broke the electric meter and got inside. Once inside, the person went through the drawers looking for cash.” She said the money stolen was cash raised from the sale of Christmas cards designed by St. Ignatius School students, as well as Movember fund-raising, memberships, petty cash and T-shirt money. 

“The thief took the charity Christmas card money,” said Ms Weber. “Little children made the art for those cards for us so they could help us raise money to help the poor sick people. As a mom, I hate that St. Ignatius school children will hear that some bad guy stole the money the kids helped us raise. The kids should have their faith in humanity confirmed at Christmas time; they should not learn that bad guys are out there stealing money from their purely charitable acts of kindness.”  

Ms Weber said she was “stunned” that the burglary happened at a time “when people know the need is the greatest”.  

“We give direct financial aid to people sick with cancer. So many people are giving to help us help others. To know someone would do this makes me shake my head in disgust, though I do believe this is only one bad apple and not a representation of our community. We see the goodness and kindness of our community every day in this job,” she said. The burglary has not deterred the Cancer Society from continuing its fundraising efforts, however. 

“Our next big community event is the annual walk/run Stride Against Cancer,” said Ms Weber. “Mark my words… we are going to work extra hard to make this the greatest Stride ever because we really want to shine a spotlight on all the good, supportive, kind-hearted and generous community where we all live.” The 2013 Stride Against Cancer will be held on Sunday, 27 January. 


Anyone interested in offering assistance to the Cancer Society can email [email protected] 


  1. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all businesses and charities to be diligent in not leaving cash on premises. It is very important to make daily deposits to minimize the availability of valuables to these despicable scoundrels. If there is nothing to take then there would be no temptation for this sort of crime. I also believe the court system needs to step up and heavily enforce the law against these individuals. Human nature will always take the path of least resistance and there is not enough resistance to this sort of crime.

  2. Many of the burglars are known and there will always be low lives and bottom feeders who will steal from anyone with no regret. Thankfully these people are few and most people have a moral compass.
    Happy Holidays and don’t let the low lives get you down, the Cancer Society will be fine.

  3. To say this is a despicable act is an under statement. The person responsible for this criminal act is not only a low lifer, but also a scum with a seared conscience and should not even be considered a member of the human race.

    It is so disgraceful when one is aware of the good humanitarian work the Cancer Society is doing to help those who desperately need help.

    I hope the perpetrator of this horrible crime will soon be brought to justice and sentenced to the fullest of the law

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