Editorial for 13 December: Cancer Society theft despicable

Some people are so mean they’ll steal the
spit out of your mouth.

That’s the category in which we would put
the person who broke into the offices of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and
stole money that had been collected through various fundraisers and T-shirt

How mean and hateful can someone be?

It’s bad enough that this thug stole from
one of the most giving, caring and loving charities in the Cayman Islands, but
the money they took was earned, in some instances, at the hands of innocent
little children who took pride and care in crafting Christmas cards for the
Society to sell.

The staff at the Cancer Society and the
people that offer continual support to the charity have as their main goal to
help cancer patients in the Cayman Islands navigate the fearful waters of the

To do that, they have to raise money.
Getting through the ordeal of cancer is an expensive undertaking and many in
our country couldn’t make it without the Society. The people who give their
money to the Society – either through donations, buying items or participating
in fundraisers – do so to enable people with cancer to get direct financial

Whoever stole from the Cancer Society took
money straight from those patients.

Stealing from anyone is wrong. What the
burglar did at the Cayman Islands Cancer Society is downright despicable.

What a shame that those little children
have to learn that someone broke into the charity and stole the money that they
worked so hard to help raise. What will make the lesson harder is that it’s
Christmas time, a time when there should be good will and love toward our
fellow man. The burglar certainly has no good will toward the Society or the
community at large. Not only did he steal the money, he left behind damage at
the Society, which will have to be repaired. Those repairs will have to be paid
for, again taking money away from patients in need.

We hope the actions of this awful
individual only bolsters those who continue to support the Society to do all
they can to help.


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