Opposition seeks meeting to oust premier

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said Thursday evening that he would try to force Premier McKeeva Bush to step down from his position by convening a special meeting of the Legislative Assembly.

In a broadcast statement made Thursday, Mr. McLaughlin urged members of the elected government not to remain quiet in hopes that “this blows over”.

“Arguments about ‘innocent until proven guilty’ are not relevant,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “We are not prejudging the guilt or innocence of Mr. Bush. That is a matter for a court of law – should he eventually be charged and prosecuted.

Mr. McLaughlin said reputational damage done to the local government, world perceptions of what was occurring here and a “virtual certainty” that Mr. Bush will be distracted by the criminal investigations were of more importance.

“In the interests of the Cayman Islands, I call on the members of the Cabinet: Hon Julianna O’Connor-Connolly; Hon Rolston Anglin, Hon. Mike Adam, Hon. Mark Scotland and the government back-bench, Hon. Cline Glidden, Capt. Eugene Ebanks, Mr. Dwayne Seymour and Mr. Ellio Solomon to take the necessary steps to remove Mr. McKeeva Bush as Premier and a minister of the Cabinet and appoint another of their number as Premier in his stead,’ Mr. McLaughlin said.

“If they do not do so by 3pm [Friday], I intend to immediately petition the Speaker of the House to call a special meeting of the Legislative Assembly early next week to consider the recent arrest of the Premier and his suitability to continue as Premier as a matter of urgent national importance.

“Should the Speaker decline to exercise her discretion to call a Special Meeting, I shall endeavour to obtain the signatures of at least 7 members of the House to compel the Speaker to do so. We will then proceed to file a Lack of Confidence motion to be debated in the Legislative Assembly which will give every member the opportunity to declare publicly where they stand on this critically important issue.”

Read the entire statement by clicking here.

Alden McLaughlin Cayman Islands

Mr McLaughlin

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  1. It would be much worse for the reputation of the Cayman Islands to force the Premier to resign on the basis of suspicions and accusations, especially when they appear to be minor infractions. Political opposition in any democracy could bring down any government by instigating a police investigation which is why such an action would be considered disgraceful and make the Cayman Islands look rediculous in the eyes of most fair people in the world.

  2. The economy cannot recover without Confidence,

    Investors need to both SEE and BELIEVE that Cayman is on a solid and responsible foundation, that if they prosper it will be because of hard work and good business practices and that they will not be competing against those who gain unfair advantage through furtive meetings and insidious deals.

    Government must mirror Business. As businesses have suffered with the worldwide economic problems, hard decisions have had to be made, Salaries have remained static, staff have been laid off, benefits cut, profit margins pared to the bone and inefficient or wasteful practices dealt with.

    Could the favoritism which some companies received have generated comparable Jobs and economic prosperity had they been applied in a fairer and more balanced model to all rather than just a select few?

    No confidence in Mr Bush may actually mean more confidence in Cayman…