[email protected] needs you

We’re always looking forward to the next big beano here in Weekenderville, so we’re delighted to give you guys the heads up on the 2013 [email protected] event. 

It’ll be held, as always, on the lawn of the home of Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor, on Saturday, 4 February. A general call has gone out from the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands for all artists and crafty types to get in touch and participate. 

As well as the governor’s grassy knolls, Governor’s Square will also be part of the venue, which is cool isn’t it. 

“Those choosing to remain inside the governor’s garden will still benefit greatly from the invaluable exposure to the 3,000 visitors who attend each year. Please note which venue you wish to be situated in clearly in your application form,” the gallery says. 

“There is a standard participation fee of $35 for those wishing to sell works [such fees are required at most arts festivals], this is addition to the equipment rental costs. This ensures that we are able to continue to host the event annually and we thank you in advance for your support.” 

Due to the limited capacity, lunch at Government House is limited to 60 people and is extended only to participating artists located on the lawn, we’re told. 

“However, we are delighted to be working with Rotary Sunrise once again to extend a lunch to all other artists, ensuring that everyone involved in this event has a welcome break. Lunch will be delivered to your booths between 11am and noon. 

“We invite you to begin setting up your booths at 8am. Set up must be completed before 11am [no late persons will be admitted after this time], gates will open at 12.30pm, and the festival will close at 4pm. Once again, we ask that you respect the festival’s coordinators by not packing up any work until after 4pm.”  

You have been told. 


Contact the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands for more information including application forms for this annual highlight of the Cayman arts calendar: [email protected] 

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